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Or just can use one at a time? Thank you! I did not receive one from huggies and am just wanting some feedback as to what might have happened. Thanks for all the insight! I have done the same thing, gone to the service desk to see what can be done when a Catalina didn't print. This is at Fry's in Phoenix.

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I did the Velveeta cup deal tonight bought 6. Thanks in advance! Now that the Coupon Network is no longer operating, who is the contact when a catalina doesn't print? I'm also curious, why doesn't Kroger know what catalina's should be printing? I was referred to the customer service desk. Later when I got home, I looked closer at my receipt and noticed one soup rang up as Campbell Go Soup, the other was listed as just Campbell.

Obviously a programming flaw and the Catalina program couldn't identify the 2nd item as a qualified purchase so no coupon came out. I didn't mention this to my store because I didn't notice it until after I got home. So, that's a way to help identify a problem if you don't get your Catalina. Look closely at your receipt before you leave the store.

Bring a flaw like that to the attention of the store head cashier or manager. They will take steps to get it corrected. Please help, I feel so dumb, but my question is I've just recently started checking out this site, started purchasing my Sunday papers for coupons and trying to "get ready" for a big savings shopping trip and just trying to be fully "in the know" Yes Sandy, that is correct!

You cannot use the Catalina until your next order, but Katie factors that off your current purchase price on the website. I am in Columbus Ohio and they are all pre-coupon here. I even received 2 of them at once and was able to use them both. The only time I have ever had any issues is with duplicate catalina coupon. When they tried to scan the second identical catalina it said it had already been used. I just kept it for the next time. It could be your area or it could also be the way the items are listed in Kroger's database.

I have had issues with a few different stores not printing catalina's because of they way they are registered by the system. Laura, I'm in Reynoldsburg. H Do you have a system for organizing coupons? If there's some way to meet at a local restaurant for coffee and you could actually show me I'd really appreciate it. I was wondering when the printable coupons refresh once you've reached your limit for printing thsm.

I seems it's been a few weeks since I've printed the digital coupons and it still won't let me print anymore. Please help! I just noticed there was a form I'm supposed to fill out if Catalina didn't print. I actually had this happen last weekend, and CS just gave me cash back for the cat. I also had a digital q that didn't come off that they reimbursed me for Hey Krazy, Just had a quick question.

I was told, by a my couponing FB group that I committed fraud because I have to have 1 item for every coupon used. I thought the cats was a cash reward like the way Target does with the gift cards. Was I wrong? Was I supposed to use 3 fillers for the 3 cats that I used????? Fairly new to couponing, question about catalinas. Can you spend them the same day you get them just on another purchase or do you have to wait till the next day?? Curious newbie question here… if I return some not all items I purchased that generated a Catalina, does the store deduct anything from return or is it tracked again me somehow?

Thanks to anyone who might know. I googled that question quite a bit to no avail. I agree with the person who says she never liked kroger until she came across this blog!! So I did the shout deal today on 2 different registers neither catalina printed, i just submitted tthrough that third party website a request with all my information. Man, catalinas are awesome when they actually work, but when they don't, they sure are a pain! I think this is a great site and very helpful but I would also like to point out if you read a statement in here, Kroger is not associated and can not guarantee the catalina and unfortunately if you come to customer service and complain to me that you didn't get the catalina, I can not honor it.

There was an issue about getting a catalina from the baby isle and I have several customers complain about not getting the catalina. They kept referring to this site and I had to explain that Kroger is not associated and I couldn't honor it. One of the problems was the catalina that was suppose to come out for the diapers, did not include the small quantity packages. We did end up honoring it because we want to keep our customers happy and it was possible it was a glitch on our end. Every other diaper except the two smaller quantity ones had a sign for the catalina.

There are times we will honor it but please understand we are not associated with this web site.

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I think it's great that your helping people to get the best deals but please don't get mad at me cause you didn't get something you saw on this site. I had an issue two days ago about a gerber catalina and unilever catalina that didn't print, I went to both isles and there wasn't one tag that said a catalina would print and there was nothing I could do, yes they mentioned this site and I had to tell them I couldn't honor it but I would have if there had been a tag anywhere on those isles. They ended up re-ringing their order and this time the catalina's printed.

I have no idea why they didn't print the first time but there really was nothing we could do the first time around. So please don't get angry with Kroger for you not getting something. You can use the catalinas at any time. Meaning if you have more than one order and one prints out on your first order you can use it on your second order. Hi, I tried the Caress Catalina deal but the item was not tagged and the coupon did not print. How do I know if this was and error or if this catalina is only offered in certain areas?

Since it was not tagged, I'm not sure if I should contact the 3rd party company or not. New to this and any help is appreciated : Thanks! I am having trouble getting Catalina to issue me my coupons for the June promotion for the Old Orchard and U Kotex deals. The same for the U Kotex. This has been a very frustrating and time consuming experience with Catalina.

I appreciate any help you all can provide. I did not receive the Catalinas on the last two shopping trip. I sent an email to the address provided on this website, and received a response back that said in a nutshell, "that I did not purchase item for that offer". Please help me understand this. I just kept paying cash and saving my Catalinas for another day. Hey, so I tried to start my own thread for a question but for some reason it wouldn't let me. My question is, when manufaturer catalinas print out at one store, are you able to use them at another? Am I able to use it at Kroger?

Thanks in advance and sorry for jumping on your thread! My Kroger will not accept those coupons nor will they give them to me when they occasionally print. How can I get them to participate with Catalina? Any ideas? They are my closest store and usually have good prices which is why I keep going back. I have no real answer to your question. However, I will say that I would demand they give me the catalinas that print with my order.

They are coupons that the manufacturer has paid to have you receive. New to CVS? Check out the 15 Secrets to shopping at CVS! Leather Bracelets Jamie Approved! Great Teacher Gift! Love this! Buy 1 Snuggle Scent Booster — 5. So here is a super easy quick scenario, but feel free to mix and match items. In this prime pantry free shipping scenario, check out how to score items way lower than Walmart delivered to your door!

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Wear it around the house or out on the town, either way, you will be sure to turn heads! The meals are simple but so so good , and I'm absolutely in love with the private Facebook community that's joining in too. I'm shopping for my groceries online using Kroger clicklist in less than 15 minutes, spending so much less money than we normally spend on groceries or eating out because I have an awesome menu plan in place, and my family is eating the very best meals at home too.

What you may not know from that side of the screen though is that right smack in the middle of Crockt0ber, all of our new Home Planners arrived at my house many of which had been pre-ordered back in September and needed to be shipped out ASAP. So, while I've been doing Crocktober because it's just what we do here on PPP, I've honestly needed Crocktober in real life more than I could ever possibly imagine. The group alone is worth the recipes! I have been amazed seriously, amazed! I'm shooting for 9AM Eastern time most days, but have to be a little flexible because of my family's schedule! Here's what we'll be making over the next 2 weeks.

And here's what we had in week one if you're curious about a few more recipes. Go HERE to download your menu plans, and leave a comment if you have any questions at all. I'm cheering for you and know you will love these if you join in the fun this week!

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