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If you are interesting in leasing rather than buying your new car we offer Personal and Business lease for almost all vehicles. If you live in Northern Ireland and want to buy your next new car from uk car discount read the information here.

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A world class paint protection product designed to protect your new car paintwork and interior with Teflon or G3 Glasscoat protection. A glossary of new car buying terms and acronyms used in the motor trade to describe vehicle equipment and options. A summary and explanation of all the contract terms and conditions when you buy your new car from uk car discount. The new car market is bracing itself for the release of the new 65 plate registration and it is due for release on the 1st September Here at www.

This year we have already seen massive growth in new car sales, thanks firstly to the 64 plate and then the latest 15 plate respectively.

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The new Ford Mondeo, Ford Focus and new Mazda 6 are expected to be the big winners when the new 65 plate is released, with them all being new releases. As you can see, we have a wide range of 65 plate discounts available from all the major car manufacturers. And now you can sit back, relax and wait for September to come around and with it your new car. In short, the answer is no. We are accepting orders right now and once you place an order with us; your new car is secured at the price you agree at order stage.

There is also an advantage to ordering a new 65 plate car sooner rather than later because most manufacturers tend to increase prices at the turn of the new registration Sept 1st. In some cases, new cars can arrive earlier than their expected delivery date. In such a case we will call you to notify and offer delivery or you can keep to your early September 65 plate delivery.

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We endeavour to delivery your car as early in September as possible, but as you can imagine it is the busiest time of the year for new car registrations. The 1st of September falls on a Tuesday, so in actual fact 65 plate new car deliveries will start Tuesday 1st September.

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At current we have orders rolling in at quite a rate of knots and we allocate your deliveries on a first come first serve basis. So to get your car early you will need to order your new car as sooner rather than later.

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We appreciate a new car is a big purchase and we provide advice and guidance to all our customers even after delivery. Take a quick look at our Website and identify which new car you are looking for. New Car dealer selling all New Car Makes and models at good discounts, saving our customers lots of money.

Login Register. Call Us Now! These plates are also passed on to car users waiting for their vehicle registration. He said car dealers must have vehicle books and permits for using vehicles with these plates. The plates cannot be sold to others.

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Mr Nanthapong said his agency discovered the sale of red licence plates on social media and they were found to be fake, based on the information shared by car dealers who obtained the plates. The DLT will file a police complaint against the illicit business network involved for causing damage to the state, committing public fraud and falsifying documents, he said.

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  5. He also warned people not to be tricked into buying red plates online as the use of fake plates carries criminal punishment, adding that offenders face between six months and five years in prison or a fine of 1,, baht, or both. Genuine red plates issued by the DLT must have raised Kor Sor letters at the bottom right corner of the items.

    He said the plates must also have a watermark of the DLT's symbol. The DLT found some people use the red plates for a long time with no intention to have their vehicles registered or pay the annual tax, Mr Nanthapong said. If these vehicles are used in crimes, involved in crashes or stolen, it would be difficult to track down the owners, he said.

    Car owners could also face a fine of up to 10, baht for using unregistered vehicles, he said. The spokesman also called on new car buyers to act quickly and have their vehicles registered, adding the DLT will toughen measures to deal with offenders who delay the process. Mr Nanthapong said the car registration process can take place within a day, in which owners will receive licence plates and tax payment signs.