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Frequently Asked Questions. Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? Attendees must be 18 years or older. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Can I update my registration information? You can do this at registration the day of the show. What is the refund policy? If it is noticed that your cosplay is interfering with your duties then you may be asked to change out until your shift has been completed.

However , this does not apply to the Safety department as you will be required to wear a safety shirt. If you are assigned to Assets, Events or Safety department as you will be asked to wear normal clothes. Maid Cafe and Guest Relation positions are personally recruited by the department head. They do not accept outside general volunteer applications. Details about each position are listed in the volunteer application. The Maid Cafe is the most popular department that people want to join.

There are no open positions for the Maid Cafe for General Volunteers. The maid cafe applications are opened at intervals times and selected from applicants. We receive frequent inquiries on how to be a maid which you will be required to be vetted in as a helper by that group before being offered a maid or butler position. We can always use some extra staff members. Just check out our Open Staff Positions. You can use the form on the page to submit an inquiry to join the staff.

We highly recommend coming in as a Ranger first prior to applying as we need to see you in action first. We contact all of our volunteers by August 5th, with confirmation of status. Then you will be contacted a second time with their position assignments and other information. Volunteer Confirmations will be sent out no later than August 5th, You will be responsible for your own transportation to San Japan and you will have to cover your own parking charges. After July 20th, we are not taking any additional volunteers.

If you e-mail asking us to make an exception, the answer will be no. They have additional benefits including guaranteed hotel space arrangements, receive a free t-shirt, free meals throughout the weekend and access to a special invite-only after-con event held on Sunday evening. They are expected to work much longer hours than General Volunteers. If you would like to work directly with the convention or a department as a RANGER for future conventions then we suggest staying in touch with a department head or director.

We are always looking for a few good people to help make San Japan a great convention. If you need to get in touch with a department head we will get you in touch with our HR department. We are putting a larger focus on volunteers who have Customer Service experience and can handle the stress of being a volunteer. We want to ensure that our volunteers on the floor are friendly to our attendees.

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The change is due to our rapid growth. We need as many willing and able volunteers to help out in many aspects of San Japan. It was decided to loosen some of our rules to see if we can find more willing volunteers to continue to help make San Japan a great convention. We are still enacting the rule that you must be at least 18 years old at the beginning of San Japan to receive hotel crash space. The assigned Volunteer Coordinator will get you checked-in. We will have a limited amount of crash space set aside for those who arrive on Thursday but you will be required to work at minimum of 6 hours on Thursday along with 27 hours over the duration of San Japan Thursday — Sunday with at least 8 hours a day on Friday and Saturday.

Do not presume that crash space will be available on Thursday. All general volunteer rooms are gender separated. General Volunteer Crash Space may have to share a room with up to 5 other people. No, you do not any shape or form need to purchase a convention badge in order to volunteer at San Japan if you are accepted as a general volunteer. If you have been directly recruited to work under a department then you will be directed to the staff volunteer page for sign-up to be renamed as RANGERS. However, if you wish to remain a general volunteer you may for up to 3 years.

We ask for your patience until then. You will be sent your department assignment and shifts by the HR Department. We will be tracking them by check-in and check-out. The department head will be given notice on this. All general volunteers are expected to complete their assigned shifts. If we are notified by the department head that you did not show up to your volunteer shifts without informing your department head or HR on why you were a no-show then we will be revoking your convention badge along with being removed from crash space.

You must have a mask to enter the ball. Masks may be painted on but should be of quality and style appropriate to a formal occasion. Slapdash or messy masks may be turned away at the door. Masks on a stick will be acceptable for those with glasses. Unacceptable masks include: Monster or Halloween style masks, Military masks gas masks or tactical gear, etc. Vests, sports coats are also acceptable. Dress shirts and ties are required. Ethnic dress and steampunk attire will be allowed so long as they adhere to the above mentioned rules. Polo shirts, khakis, and t-shirts will not be permitted.

Jeans of any color or type will NOT be allowed into the room. Please greatly refrain from tennis shoes or sneakers. Who are you? Why should I attend? What should I expect? We had over 17, attendees for our convention.

We take place at the center of the famous River Walk. It is located right by the Rivercenter Mall. This is our permanent convention location. We are not planning to move to a different venue within San Antonio. If you are looking for the dates for the next San Japan we will always take place on Labor Day Weekend forever. It is not required at all. You will see a lot of people who will be dressed up but all we ask is to bring yourself and try to have fun at San Japan.

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San Japan is an all-ages convention. However, if you are under the age of 13, you will need to have a parent or legal guardian who is 18 or above with you at all times. You do not have to show your ID in order to purchase a badge at the convention. The electronic dance is an all-ages event and does not require ID to enter. All events will require a convention badge which will be checked at all events.

An expired ID is okay as long as the birth date and the photo is recent. No, it does not. Your convention badge is your ticket. We do not charge extra to attend a panel. We want everyone to enjoy all the fun they can with just their badge. The only time a panel or event will cost extra will be if we absolutely need to charge extra. This applies to panels which include additional materials like workshops or the Maid Cafe. We will inform attendees about this ahead of time. Only the Cosplay Show and the Formal Masquerade Dance will require a ticket in addition to your badge.

You are perfectly allowed to bring your own food to San Japan. You can store it in a bag or in your hotel. No, we do not require cosplayers to enter the Cosplay Show or cosplay events. However, we do ask that room parties be kept to a reasonable size remember the fire marshal restrictions and that the noise is kept at a reasonable volume. However, if San Japan safety personnel have reason to believe that illegal activities or activities that could threaten the welfare of the convention are taking place at a room party, they have a duty and a responsibility to act to ensure the safety of all involved.

All patrons staying in the San Antonio Grand Hyatt will be required to wear a wristband in order to access their hotel room. Please put this into consideration. This policy will always be enacted for all years that San Japan uses them as their main host hotel.

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San Japan does not perform bag check inside the convention center. All bags, including backpacks, are allowed at the convention. The Hyatt hotel will not bag check for free so be prepared for this. We do not offer lockers nor will we watch your bags. The San Japan theme changes to year-to-year. The Theme is Sports which is everything that involves sports anime. We will be taking Event Submissions starting in late January As an Anime convention, we will be bringing you multiple viewing rooms, gaming, interactive events, game shows, industry panels, guest panels, karaoke and more.

We will give out discount codes for panelists with Sorry, but liability prohibit us from offering this. This will be a strict formal dress code which requires a mask. No, you only have to attend your appointment time. You will still have to participate in the Cosplay Show. If you no-show at the Cosplay Show you are disqualified. ANY reference photos, printed or you can show on your phone. Construction photos of your cosplay also helps. Attendees who are age will be issued a FREE child badge with a paid full price badge.

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Child badges can only be picked up at the convention. The child must be with an adult at all times. Yes , this is true for Formal Masquerade. Pickup will be available throughout the convention. The Formal Masquerade Dance has switched over to being a charity event. We have a page with details on how it will be handled.


We are not sold out of regular San Japan convention passes. We do not have a limit on the number of passes. The only limit we have is on Gold Passes and Premiere Passes which typically sell out within minutes once they are released to the public. We recommend on pre-registering for San Japan but if you need to purchase passes at the convention then you can do so at the convention. We have convention badges for sale at the convention. The prices for them will be listed after pre-registration has closed which is when they will go on sale.

Regular 1-Day and 3-Day passes will be available for on-line purchase starting on July 11th, Regular 1-Day and 3-Day passes will be available to purchase on-line while the convention is happening up until September 1st, at 3PM. You are not required to purchase them on-line in order to attend San Japan.

Registration will be located in the Henry B. You do not have to show up at the convention on Thursday or Friday. Your convention badge is valid for the duration of the weekend. Gold Passes have always sold out. We are anticipating the same in Attendees 12 and under will not be allowed to attend the VIP brunch.

We will not be selling a separate brunch ticket for children ages This is due to limited food and seating. Please include a copy of your receipt. Please send as much information as possible including your name, address, e-mail, transaction confirmation number and DOB. We receive thousands of pre-registrations so we need all the info possible to confirm whom you are. If you purchased a Friday pass on-line but meant it to be for Saturday pass then we advise to just show up at the convention.

Be sure to include your full contact information to verify yourself. We ask to please format your email with the following:. As much information given will greatly expedite your inquiry. If you do pre-register online, we will not force you to go back in line to purchase a child pass. We will redirect you to the front of the on-site pass purchase line. Can someone else pickup my badge for me? You will be turned away if you attempt to pick it up. Parents of attendees over 12 years old may wait nearby at of the nearby lounge areas at the Marriott Riverwalk, Grand Hyatt or inside the Henry B.

Gonzalez which do not require to have a badge to be displayed. How much will it cost to pre-register for the convention? What forms of payment are accepted? You can pay by eCheck. We have selected Nine-Tails as our store to pre-register which you can pay with cash or credit card. Badge checkers will be checking to ensure all badges are valid San Japan badges. All badges must be purchased at the same time. The discount is applied at checkout. The group discount will only apply to pre-registration passes. After July 8th, the group discount will no longer apply on-line or in person.

We do not accept checks or invoices for group discount purchases. The deadline date is July 20th, This includes nickname changes. We even list the expected wait times. Our wait times in never exceeded 45 minutes at peak traffic times and was below ten minutes for a majority of the time. We will work with you to get your refund if before the registration cutoff or if there has been a double payment.

If you initiate a chargeback refund through credit card instead of contacting San Japan then you will be blocked from using online registration for all future San Japan conventions. This includes duplicate badges purchases if it is not the fault of the regIT registration portal. First, please check your spam filter to ensure it is not in there as all passes are sent immediately after payment has been received except for eChecks.

You can send an inquiry through our contact form but it will be forwarded to that e-mail address. There will be tier pricing so the earlier you pre-register the cheaper the price. Passes will always be available online as we do not turn it off until one hour before San Japan registration closes on Sunday September 1st, The lowest rate will be pre-registring as early as possible. The Why is there a 'service fee'? The service fee is to ensure a smooth and efficient Registration experience. The fee is required for every individual attendee badge. However, you are not required at all to reserve a room at the convention in order to pre-register or attend the convention.

Does San Japan mail out badges after I pre-registered or purchased it on-line? No, we do not mail out badges of any kinds at all. You must pick them up in person. Mailing out badges are not being considered.

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The name must be a PG nickname as we do screen all of them. We will send you an e-mail requiring a new nickname if we deem it to be racy or offensive. After July 8th, we will be turning this feature off. Any badges purchased July 8th will be issued a blank badge and issued a sharpie to write your name. We do not ask for your nickname after July 8th, We do not issue pre-printed badges that have been purchased after July 8th, We will have sharpies on-site to write in your name. Be sure to state what device and browser you are using. Be as thorough as possible.

We do not offer 1-Day pre-registration as it will only be and always will be 3-Day pre-registrations. If you are able to obtain one, as they will be in high demand when they go on sale, you will have to pay the full price for a Gold Or Premiere Pass. There will be a refund fee after 60 days of purchase of all types of passes up until July 8th, In most cases, displaying your Barcoded Confirmation email on your smartphone will allow us to scan the barcode directly from your smartphone. They are only available to Gold Pass holders. You will be turned away on arrival.

We do this as we must have visual verification of the ID. We only sell one type of badge which is an all-access badge to the entire convention. If you pay online then you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. We will have your information in our database. You can still show up to the convention to show us your government-issued photo ID. We will accept pre-registrations if you have the San Japan Pre-Registration Confirmation E-mail displayed on your smartphones, tablet or other electronic device.

We do accept drivers licenses all kinds, expired ID is okay , military ID and passports. The government-issued ID must have a picture ID on it in some fashion. No exceptions are made. Just your smiling self and some money or credit card. Payment for sure accepted at the door will be accepted in the form of Cash, Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express. We will not accept checks. After July 8th, we will not be issuing any refunds or credits for any reason. This includes medical or catastrophic emergencies. This applies to Gold Passes along with standard attendee badges.

This includes 1-Day or 3-Day badges purchased after July 8th, All purchases after July 8th, will not have refunds for any reason whatsoever including medical, personal or natural disaster emergencies. You may transfer your badge to another person after July 8th, up until July 20th, at no charge. Transfers will no longer be allowed after July 20th, Your San Japan barcode confirmation is like an unused concert ticket which anyone can use. This includes the Gold Pass and Premiere Pass. Refund requests processing submitted before July 8th, can take up to 5 business days.

Multiple inquiries will not speed up your refund request. We appreciate that you want to volunteer at San Japan. Check our volunteer page for information on how to volunteer. We will try to have the application up by April with online signup ending on July 20th, Yes, convention badges will be for sale at the at-con rate if you show up on the day of the convention. If you wish to pay in cash you have to show up on Friday — Sunday of the convention. You do not have to print out your barcode confirmation out as we can accept them from a phone or tablet. No, we do not. You must purchase a 3-Day badge even if you are only attending for 2 days.

It is still cheaper than any combination of 2 1-day passes. The minimum age a person has to be to purchase a badge on-line through regIT is 13 years old. For anyone under 13 you must purchase a child badge in person. We list our reasons for this within the FAQ. You can purchase a badge for anyone including siblings, family members or friends. Welcome To San Japan The 13th. Current Pre-Registration Tier. Child Available At Convention Only.

This is the pre-registration for a three-day pass. We do not offer one-day pre-registration. One day passes go on sale after July 11th, Get the App! Join the Fun! Plan Your Stay. Stay Safe, Have Fun. Convention Guests. View All Guests. Community and Events. Join the Competition. Get Industry Insights. Artist Alley Rules and Regulations Edition. Hotel FAQ. After 9pm, the mall will be closed. Does it cost anything to run a panel?

Is there a minimum age to run a panel? It does not cost anything to run a panel at San Japan. There is no minimum age to run a panel. Be original. Character Panels will no longer be accepted. Asking for an exception will not be considered. Write a thorough description. We need to know exactly what you have planned and how you are going to do it.

Make a good pitch. Unique ideas will be given higher consideration. Remember that your description will end up in the program if you are approved.

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You want the attendees to be as excited about attending your panel as you are about organizing it. Grammar and spelling are very important if you are going to be addressing a crowd during a panel. It also helps to make a good first impression on those evaluating panel submissions. They can be used for 1-day or 3-day regular attendee passes. Up to TWO 2 codes will be issued. We are no longer issuing discounts beyond two people. If your approved panel s has more than two people then the additional panelists will need to purchase a badge at full price.

For 1. Go to our Fandom Meeting Meetup form to fill it out. Fan Meetings do not count as panelist hours nor will a discount code be issued. E-mail gaming at san-japan. When we inform you that your panel is initially approved. When the BETA schedule is released. This is being enacted as just about every submission we get in wants their panel on that day. When we release the schedule we get flooded by messages saying it is schedule conflict causing us to nearly rewrite the entire Beta schedule.

This will also allow us to put in a lot more variety on Saturday for panelists. There will not be any limit on the number of panels they can hold on Sunday. We are putting a much greater emphasis on Sunday programming. We will not allow game demos as a panel. Game demos from a company must take place in the appropriate gaming section. We will try to send at least one mass email sent out to approved panelists along with posting a list of approved panels.

It will be on the panelist to ensure they check their Spam mailbox. We have lowered the number of required hours down to TWO hours. Dresses must be mid-knee length to floor length. Volunteer FAQs. How do I volunteer? You receive the following benefits as a general volunteer: A volunteer badge that gives you access to all places like a regular attendee. Crash space allocated for non-local volunteers. We are not taking anyone under the age of 17 anymore for legal liability.

We are not allowing parents to give us the authorization to let their child who is under 18 to have crash space for San Japan. If you are 16 now but you will be the 17 at the beginning of San Japan then you may apply to be a volunteer. Your volunteer badge is valid for all three days of the convention. We do not offer a babysitter service. Volunteers may not have their child work beside them if they are less than 13 years old. Illegal activities will not be tolerated at all. Masks must be worn at all times. Tuxedos and suits are highly encouraged. General FAQ. What is San Japan? Address: E.

Market St. San Antonio, Texas This is our permanent convention location.